Complaint Letter

It is always a hassle complaining about faulty or unsatisfactory purchases or services. You must obviously write a letter since a telephone call will get you nowhere. Start by stating where and when you purchased the goods in question and then move on to explain why they are not satisfactory. Provide a full and detailed list of the problems you have encountered. State what you wish to be done about the situation – whether you wish for a replacement item or you money back.

You can write to complain to sellers or vendors/organisations for selling/delivering defective items, incomplete order, non-payment respectively. Letter of complaint can also be written to concerned authorities, regarding a social issue one faced recently or faces daily.

The letter must have:

  • Details about the product/services/social problem. In case of products and services, include details, such as bill number, model number, date of purchase, etc.
  • Mention what is causing the problem and how it is affecting you. In case, you are complaining about a social problem, write about how it is causing the general public to suffer.
  • For products/services, request for replace, return or refund. Request for a quick action to be taken to prevent a social problem.

Complaint Letter Format

Complaint Letter Examples

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