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Complaint Letter for Defective Pair of Shoes

You are Ravi. You bought a pair of shoes from M/s shoe line, Halwasiya market, Rakabganj, Lucknow. On unpacking them you found to your surprise, that both the shoes are meant for your right foot. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of M/s shoe line, asking for replacement at their cost.

Halwasiya Market,

Subject: Complaint for defective pair of shoes


Through this letter of mine, I wish to inform you that I had purchased a pair of shoes on the receipt no. 10579 from your shop on 25th May, 20XX. It is of XYZ brand and the item no. is S15. On unpacking the box at home I found that both the shoes are for right foot.

I, therefore, request you to kindly replace the pair with a new one or refund the money.

I will be thankful if the matter can be attended to at the earliest.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

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