Reading Comprehension / Unseen Passages

Comprehension literally means the ability to understand. Therefore, in this section, students are required to read and understand the given passages thoroughly. It is to test one’s ability to comprehend unseen passages and answer the following questions in one’s own words. The variety of questions in this section range from multiple choice questions to short questions to very short questions.

While reading unseen passages, it is common to get distracted by unimportant details and lose focus of the main idea. As a result, the answers are either too vague or too general. All answers must be specific, brief and complete in all sense. Therefore,

  • Get the basic idea of the passage by giving it a quick reading.
  • Next, read every question carefully.
  • Re-read the passage thoroughly this time, and mark the portions containing the probable answers.
  • Avoid writing long, descriptive and generic answers. Be to the point.
  • Since, this section tests one’s ability to understand long passages, that too as quickly as possible, one must first locate the probable answers in the passage and then interpret them in one’s own words. Be wise and don’t use exact words/lines from the passage.

Reading Comprehension with Questions and Answers

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