Article Writing

An article is a piece of non-fiction prose writing especially meant for newspaper and magazines. It usually describes something, e.g., writer’s personal opinion, findings of research, etc.

Article is helpful to test the students‘s skills in expressing their ideas, organization of their thoughts, planning, presentation of their ideas in a chronological way, comprehending their ideas and finally arriving at a conclusion.

Features of an Article

  1. An eye-catching title which attracts the reader’s attention and suggests the theme of the article.
  2. An introduction which clearly shows the topic to be covered and keeps the reader’s attention.
  3. The main body of two to five paragraphs in which the topic is further described in detail.
  4. The conclusion – summarizing the topic or a final opinion, recommendation.

Objectives of Writing an Article

  • To express personal opinion.
  • To present information on a variety of themes in a long and sustained piece of writing.
  • To inform the people, to persuade them, to entertain them or to convince them.

Article Writing Format

  1. Title/Heading: Always begin the article with a title or heading. It should be eye-catching but short consisting not more than four to five words. It should arouse the interest of the reader (and he) should come to know what the article is about after reading the title. So that he may be mentally prepared for the topic.
  2. By Line: Write the by line i.e., the name of the person who has written the article. This name is generally given in the question. It can be written in the left hand corner of the article or in the end also.
  3. Introduction: Try to begin the article with a proverb or quote which catches the attention of the reader. The proverb or quotation must be in accordance with the title of the article. Try to introduce the topic while keeping in mind what, where and when (related to the topic), e.g., if you are writing on natural disasters, you should write what are Natural Disasters in the introductory passage.
  4. Body: The body of the article includes the details of the reasons, advantages, disadvantages, effects, etc.
  5. Conclusion: This paragraph concludes the article giving possible solutions, hopes and wishes.

Points to Remember while Writing an Article

  1. While writing the article, make sure that the ideas are presented in a planned and systematic way.
  2. Avoid using vocabulary with which you are not very familiar. Use simple but effective language.
  3. Follow- the word limit given in the question.

Article Writing Topics

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