Article on The Influence of Films on Youth

Film and television leave a deep impression on young minds. Some recent cases of robbery and murder were also found to be inspired by films. You are Vishal/Vibha and you feel that filmmakers must take the responsibility for influencing society and its youth. Write an article on ‘‘The influence of films on youth’’ in about 100-150 words.

The Influence of Films On Youth

By: Vibha

Going to pictures has become a craze among the youths, for both boys and girls. Films have come out to be a powerful means of entertainment. A healthy habit is to be welcomed but seeing films too frequently is far from being a hobby.

The growing habit is not only expensive but also results in the waste of time which could be devoted to healthier habits.

Grossly vulgar, crime and romantic scenes are presented on the screen which influence the youth and they tend to imitate the screen heroes in every day life.

They idolise the heroes and adopt the abusive language, and their violent ways. They try to convert what they see in films into reality. Films imbibe negative social values. There should be total ban on such films.

Good films should be made and not the trash and the ruinous films which merely to cater to the cheap taste.

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