Article on Need of Value Education

Spurt of violence previously is known in Indian schools makes it incumbent on the educationists to introduce value education effectively in schools. Write an article in 150- 200 words expressing your views on the need of value education.

Value Based Education

by Rahul

Values are inculcated by family and school so that the child grows up with morality and can differentiate between right and wrong on his/her own.

However, with time, the tenets of tolerance, spiritualism, self-discipline and sympathy seem to be losing their importance. Growth of nuclear families, working parents, absence of elders, lack of quality time with family members are few but important factors responsible for children being ill-behaved. In addition, schools too fail to impart proper moral values to students on a regular basis. As a result, students lack discipline, engage in unnecessary fights and take pride in being labeled as a rebel.

Other factors responsible for the lack of discipline in children are over exposure to media, lack of emotional support, over ambitious nature, peer pressure, etc. Such behaviour has its consequences too. Besides spoiling school culture and environment, it often leads to self destruction.

Children, feeling depressed due to the inadequacies of life are prone to inflicting injuries on themselves. It often leads to suicide. Children, whose minds are clouded by negative thoughts, who lack moral values, harm not only themselves but are also a threat to the society and country as well.

There have been many instances where youths in their late teens have opened fire on unsuspecting civilians for no apparent reason. Spurt of violence previously unknown in Indian schools makes it incumbent on the educationists to introduce value education effectively in schools.

As Gandhiji rightly said that training of soul can be best given by a teacher. A teacher can influence the character of the student through words and actions and make the child learn the moral values at every stage.

To improve the present condition in school, morning assemblies must be filled with inspiring talks, stories, interactions, etc. Parents, teachers, counsellors and even students with a positive outlook can influence children through optimism. It is here in school that children spend maximum time of the day and learn to share, team-spirit, kindness, companionship, etc.

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