Article on Travelling in an Over-crowded Bus

Travelling in an overcrowded bus can be very upsetting. Pushing and shoving, suffocation, angry faces and rumpled clothes are facts a traveller has to face. Write an article in 125– 150 words on “Travelling in an overcrowded bus.”

Travelling in an Over-crowded Bus

by Rahul

Imagine that you are standing at the bus stop eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive. You are in a hurry and missing the bus would be disastrous because the bus you have to board is not frequent. So you are waiting and you finally see the bus halting in front of you. However, there is no chance that you can board it because it is already over-crowded.

Travelling in an over-crowded bus is a horrendous experience, especially if one has to do it every day. Whether one is travelling in the morning while going to school or to work, or in the evening while coming back home, an over-crowded bus is upsetting.

One’s clothes get rumpled because of all the pushing and showing. The rising temperature causes one to sweat profusely, which leaves marks on one’s clothes. Arriving somewhere with sweat marks on clothes does not leave a good impression on the onlooker.

A lot of people feel suffocated and nauseous while travelling in over crowded buses. Anxiety, agitation and lack of fresh air and space leads to irritation and thus, anger. No wonder, majority of the passengers in an over-crowded bus look furious during their commute. However, the same angry passengers breathe a sigh of relief after getting off the bus.

There are other disadvantages of travelling in an over-crowded buses. There is a threat of theft, especially pick-pockets. There are also those who misbehave with female passengers on purpose.

The only solution to this problem is increasing the number of buses plying in the same route. The more frequent the buses, the less crowded they will be and even less will be the discomfort amongst the passengers.

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