Article on Poverty is the Cause of All Evils

Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Poverty is the cause of all evils’, to be published in the Young World of ‘The Hindu’, Chennai.

Poverty is the Cause of All Evils

by Rahul

Poverty is the state of being poor. We find around us, hoards of people who are unable to afford the minimum necessities of life. They face the problem of getting one square meal a day. Clad in rags they can be seen engaged in petty jobs to earn their livelihood. They lead a miserable life, which is worse than that of brutes.

Helpless with hunger and poverty they adopt evil practices to combat with their circumstances. It is poverty that leads to criminal activities like robbery, thefts, murder, kidnapping and arson. The young street urchins begging for money or the young boys falling prey to drugs and alcohol are few of the causes of poverty.

Deprived of proper amenities, such as food, clothes and education, they often have to borrow large amount of money from the money lenders. Sometimes, it takes generations to pay off the debt and sometimes it makes a criminal out of the poverty stricken individual.

Therefore, it is suffice to say that poverty compels humans to indulge in social evils and nefarious practices. If we want to eradicate social evils, we must, alleviate their sufferings and poverty first.

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