Article on Parenting

You happen to go through the notes of a reporter. Modern children are distinctly different. They are intelligent, aware and smart. Parents should adopt a new strategy to guide them. Write an article in 100–120 words for the magazine ‘Parenting’.


By Rahul

Childhood is a beautiful phase of life and indeed, the most impressionable. But children in the metropolitan cities have experienced the thrill of facebook, twitter, malls, games and other attractions. Good parenting, rejects the traditional approach and reflects on the psyche of a child. They do not thrust their own fears and anxieties on their children, who in turn get tense as they have to perform and be scrutinized and judged.

Slow parenting concept is all about mellowing down. It is all about giving up control and learning to appreciate unstructured time and learning to award different sorts of rewards. It is just about chilling out and backing off the agenda. It is all about giving children the time and attention they deserve, but not too much. Pampering is detrimental to the growth of a child.

To bring up stable children, sincere praise is recommended, otherwise the misleading image will be carried forward into adulthood without reality checks of any kind. The trouble starts when they realize that the rest of the world fails to agree with the assessment of the parents. One must endeavour to be a role model parent who is a multitasker.

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