Article on Child Labour

The other day you had seen some small children begging at a traffic light signal. Write an article on ‘Child Labour’ for your school magazine.

Child Labour

By Rohan

One of the greatest curses that still plagues our world is child labour, where children below the age of 14 years are forced to work.

This social evil is rampant in India, where a great number of children can be seen working at roadside stalls or ‘dhabas’ or in brick mills, glass factories, firecracker factories, etc.

When one looks towards the causes behind this practice, one finds that child labour is prevalent due to poverty, illiteracy, and the lack of urge to do better, etc. These poor children work as bonded labourers on a paltry wages. They rarely have sufficient food or clothing. Not only that, they are also ill-treated. There is no one who listens to them or cares for their woes.

What people don’t realize is that this has become a vicious circle. These children when grow up still remain backward, poor and illiterate. Their children go through the same horrible existence. The Government should take active measures and provide opportunities to these children so that they may improve themselves. Schemes should be implemented to provide them with a better future and this in turn will contribute towards the development of the nation.

This awareness will definitely help to improve the status of the nation.

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