Article on Impact of Advertisements on Younger Generation

Advertisements have become a big business. They are promoted by celebrities drawn from various fields like films, sports, etc., leaving their influence on all people specially the young. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘The impact of advertisements on the younger generation’.

The Impact of Advertisement on the Younger Generation

by Rahul

Advertisement is an impersonal way of popularising products, ideas, concepts, etc. Companies advertise their products to reach out to the consumers. By doing this they sensitise the customers especially the younger ones.

In one day, people are exposed to a huge number of advertisements. It is not possible for them to remember all these all the time. To make the consumer retain the information in the ad for a long time, companies use celebrities from various fields like films, sports, etc.

The big companies target the younger generation because they follow the latest trends and influence the buying behaviour of their family. They imitate the celebrities. They dress themselves like them. They like to use those products, which the stars promote. By doing this they try to satisfy their social ego. But sometimes, it becomes detrimental for them.

Overindulgence in such kind of activity can corrupt their thinking ability. Their mind can become perverted or limited to an idea. For instance a lot of television commercials depict celebrities doing difficult stunts quite effortlessly. Many youngsters attempt these stunts at home that too without supervision. There has been numerous incidents where such attempts have gone miserably wrong and has resulted in fatal accidents, even deaths.

Majority of ads put disclaimer to make the viewer/consumer aware that the ad shown is just a pictorial representation and the stunt should not be tried at home. However, such messages are so small that they often go unseen.

No doubt that one has the right to live one’s own life but everything should not be followed with a blind eye. Some ads are youth-oriented. They want the young generation to be aware and take action for the betterment of the society. The purpose of such ads is to influence the youth so that they can decide what is good and bad for them. Celebrities are also roped in at times so that the message makes an even greater impact.

Therefore, it would be wrong to say that the impact of advertisement on the younger generation is always negative. How the youth perceives the ad and the message it sends forth makes all the difference.

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