Article on Saving Our Earth

Using your own ideas, write an article for the school magazine on the topic ‘Saving our Earth’.

Saving Our Earth

by Rahul

Everyone knows that Earth is like our mother. It nourishes us by giving us all sorts of things we need to live happily The earth takes a long time to replenish the resources that we take from it. And we exploit these resources more than it replenishes. In that, we take ourselves to our own destruction.

Today, people complain of scorching heat, respiratory problems and ill health. It is time to pause and consider the cause behind all this.

Global warming is increasing due to greenhouse gases. Environmental pollution is the gift of galloping population, unplanned industrialization, mining, haphazard and faulty town planning.

Indiscriminate falling of trees and deforestation to utilize more land for commercial purposes have added to the problem. Emission of poisonous smoke and poisonous gases, the effluents and the industrial waste have destroyed the purity of air.

Under these circumstances it is essential to create awareness among all the people to keep the environment clean and pure. Vacant spaces may be turned to control traffic, car pools must be made so that the emission level decreases. People should follow the 3Rs especially for paper and plastic.

We can arrange mass rallies and walks to create public awareness and force the concerned authorities to take precautionary actions to save our mother earth.

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