Article on Good Manners

Good Manners

By Neeti

A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.

This quote highlight the importance of good manners in life. To possess good manners is, in fact, the first step to success. They cost nothing but they polish and enrich the personality of a man, which in turn, makes his life easy due to his special trait of politeness. Such persons earn respect in society.

Good manners are superior to riches. Wealth attracts fair-weather friends only but good manners win for us permanent friends as they create our goodwill in society. All great men, who made their mark in life, were polite, humble and gentle.

A person with charming manners can win others with a smile. On its contrary, an ill, mannered person will not command respect of anybody.

We can’t learn such manners from books. What we have to do is just to respect our elders; to help weak and poor; not to offend others by harsh words. Instead, we should use words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘sorry’ as an important part of our conversation with others.

We should be ready to make little sacrifices in others’ service, when needed. Above all, we should be fair and just in our dealings with others. If we are sensitive and responsive to others with our good manners, we’ll be liked by all.

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