Article on Uniforms are Essential in Schools

Education policies in schools today are student friendly. Now, move is on to do away with school uniforms. You are Anamika/Anand studying in a Kendriya Vidyalaya. Write an article on ‘Uniforms are Essential in Schools’ using the inputs given and your own ideas.

Uniforms are Essential in Schools

By Rohan

In many countries uniforms are not essential in schools and students go to school dressed in casuals. According to these schools they are being student friendly.

What these schools don’t realize is that they can be ‘student-friendly’ even if their students are wearing uniforms. Uniforms help in identification and maintain uniformity among the students instead of disparity.

After all a school is a place where there should be no class distinction. If students are allowed to come dressed in whatever they like, it would lead to class distinctions. Secondly, it would also be a cause of distraction, as children would comment on each other’s clothes. Students from the various status of society cannot afford to wear new dresses every day which could lead to inferiority complex among them.

School uniforms should be made essential in schools, as they help in identifying schools and act as their respective school brand names.

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