Article on Empowering the Women

The progress of a nation depends on empowering the women. Obsessed with this idea, write an article on ‘Empowering the women’.

Empowering the Women

By Rohan

Women are the foundation of a society. They are the ones on whom the progress of a nation depends. But the women are not given their rightful place in the society. Many of them still suffer under family violence and face inferior status in the society. They are denied the basic rights – Right to education and freedom of speech. The growth and development of a nation depends on the status of equality given to the citizens. Women are not treated as equal to men.

Many efforts are being made to empower the Indian women. Still much is left to be achieved. We must realise that women too have the right to education, right to gender equality and the freedom of speech. Education will make the women self-reliant and will boost their confidence. They will become financially independent, thus leading them to the path of development.

It is the need of the hour that we stop exploiting women and give them their rights. People must show supportive attitude towards women so that they get equal opportunities to move ahead towards a better society. ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is one scheme started by the government to educate the girl child. People must change their attitude towards women and give them their due place in the society.

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