Article on the Use of Technology in Education

Use of Technology in Education

By Taneja

Over the last few years, the use of technology has changed the landscape dramatically, especially in the field of education. Teachers, principals, counsellors and even parents admit that it would be a futile exercise to ignore technology in the classroom. The knowledge of information technology has a great role to play in the field of education.

There has been rapid progress in the field of tele-communication, satellite and computer science due to the information technology. The internet has come in the form of super highway to transfer information of the biggest libraries with the help of tele-communication and satellite technology.

With the help of computer, information can be stored safely in a small chip and can be retrieved, when required within no time. Hence, with the use of technology, we can save our time and energy. Moreover, it is environment friendly as the need to use Paper is which is made by cutting trees, has decreased.

But over-dependence on technology and related gadgets should be avoided. It’s all about moderation.

At the same time, we can’t overlook the fact that even the latest gadgets and the best internet websites, however, cannot replace a good teacher. Children today lead complicated lives ruled by technology. Instead of adding to the information overload, it is the teacher’s job to simplify the lesson plan.

Today, children need to be in touch with the real world and the school teacher is the person who can draw the lines and decide how much is too much.

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