Article on Health Hazards of Fast Food

Write an article to be published in your school magazine expressing your concern over the health hazards caused by fast food in about 150 words.

Health Hazards of Fast Food

By Rahul

In modern times, fast food is rapidly replacing the nutritious food cooked in kitchen The reason for this is that it is quick and easy to prepare. Fast food is affordable and palatable as it is commercially served at low rates.

A variety of fast food like pizza, burger, presweetened cereals, chips, noodles, processed foods are easily available in the market. These types of food haven’t got any nutrition, rather they are high in cholesterol, sugar, sodium and low in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

These foods are hazardous for health. They give rise to blood pressure, resulting in hypertension and cardiac disorders. Sometimes they develop chronic degenerative disorders also. They simply feed hunger along with our immediate craving. They do not form our body in the form of usable lasting energy or building materials provided by nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, chapattis, pulses, etc.

Everyone should realise the importance of healthy and nutritious food and should say ‘no’ to fast food. Parents must ensure that their children eat healthy and home-made food. Children should also break the shackles of unhealthy food and follow a diet-chart suggested by their parents.

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