Article on How Can Students Keep Fit and Healthy

How Can Students Keep Fit and Healthy?

By Sachin

Everybody knows that good health plays a very important role in the life of a student. Students should not neglect their health. Good health is also necessary for a good performance in studies.

But nowadays it is seen that children hardly take care of their health. Instead of taking home cooked nourishing food, they tend to eat junk food. This food is very harmful for the health and it should be avoided at every cost.

Children have become couch potatoes. They never take part in outdoor games, instead they indulge themselves in mobile games or TV. As a result they are becoming obese, diabetic and more and more aggressive.

We should keep in mind that the life of children is like a foundation over which the entire building of their future will be constructed. Therefore the children should take exercise and also join some physical sport at their school. They should avoid eating junk food, and keep in mind that the junk is meant to be thrown out not to be eaten.

Children are the future of our country and we can never dream of a great country without healthy citizens.

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