Article on Drug Abuse – A Social Evil

Drug abuse is a social evil which has ruined many lives and is gradually on the rise. The youth has been affected by it the most. Write an article on the topic ‘Drug Abuse—A Social Evil’.

Drug Abuse — A Social Evil

By Rohan

Drugs have become very common in society. It is a social evil which makes the person hollow from inside. Drugs are of many kinds, but basically the harmful ones are the narcotic drugs.

Person once used to drugs cannot come out of the habit. He or she becomes addicted to it and it becomes impossible to pass a day without taking the dose. The body becomes so accustomed to it that without it the person feels lifeless.

These drugs along with harming the health also harm the pocket. They are very expensive. People try to get it by hook or by crook and if they don’t have money, they indulge in wrong activities like theft and selling off their own expensive things.

These days youth is becoming addicted to it. They are harming not only themselves, their families but also the society. A watchful eye should be kept on the people who sell it and strict actions should be taken against them. People addicted should be sent to rehabilitation centres before it becomes too late.

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