Article on Harmful Effects of Pollution

Pollution has become a great problem. It is becoming the cause of many diseases. Write an article on the harmful effects of pollution.

Harmful Effects of Pollution

By Rahul

Pollution has become a big problem. The material prosperity and technological advancement has been responsible for sound, air and water pollution.

Mushrooming up of industries and domestic waste pollutes air and water. The industrial waste also makes the agricultural fields infertile. Cutting of forests and conversion of agricultural land into residential areas are becoming a major cause of pollution. Increase in vehicles is also a leading reason to add to the problem, people are forced to wear masks.

The temperature is increasing globally, glaciers and icebergs are melting, disturbing the seasonal cycle.

We are the ones who are responsible for this pollution, so we should only take the steps to reduce it. We should have chimney in industries which let out clear smoke. Industrial waste should be treated before being thrown into the rivers and the vehicles should be tested from time to time.

Pollution, if not stopped, can atleast be reduced to certain extent.

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