Article on Risks of Underage Driving

Underage driving is not safe, i.e., below 18 years of age. We should follow the traffic rules. Write an article, in about 100-120 words, bringing out the risks involved.

Risks of Underage Driving

Underage driving is just not safe and most risky. Traffic rules should be adhered to and underage driving should be completely deterred. Teenage drivers do a greater proportion of their driving in risky conditions.

In particular, they drive more frequently at night and with multiple passengers. Both of these substantially increase the likelihood of a crash. Moreover, driving risks that are found to be more common among underage drivers include excessive speeding, for the thrill and using a mobile phone while driving, thus violating traffic rules.

There is a clear need for serious intervention targeting underage driving. Programmes need to move beyond the awareness education to a combination of strong graduated driver licencing programmes and police enforcement.

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