Article on Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Leaders

You are greatly inspired by some famous personalities around the globe like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. You have also read the autobiographies of some great leaders. Using the following clues and your own ideas, write an article in about 100-150 words on the topic ‘Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Leaders

By Rahul

History is the witness that whenever there has been a change across the world, it has been brought only by the youths. So was brought by Steve Jobs who was a great personality, who brought a sea change across the world. Albert Einstein was a great scientist and Nelson Mandela was a great statesman of South Africa. All these great personalities are remembered for their kindheartedness, determination, tireless labour round the clock. They were sympathetic towards common mass. They never shirked away from their responsibilities. They were diligent and thoughtful. They never bowed down before the circumstances, but circumstances had to bow down before them. Even today, they serve inspiration for youths. Thus, youth is the leader of tomorrow.

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