Article on High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane

High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane

By Rohit

In the fast changing scenario, the high tech devices have flooded the market All the credit goes to science which helps us in advancing in any field. Modern age is better known as the Science age. Some people are making misuse of technology and are not taking advantage of the wonders of science.

Today, youngsters can be seen busy with chatting, surfing, playing video-games and what not. These have become a part of growing up in the digital world. But all this is leading our children towards the wrong path. They become distracted and it has cramped their social as well as academic development.

Youngsters must realise that these high-tech devices are very useful to us. They have to be made aware that judicious use of these devices takes us to a world only at the click of a button. We can get each and every information about various things which otherwise are unknown to us. It has made the world shrunk and within the reach of a button.

To make it a boon, science should be used for the prosperity of people and not as a destructive force. The inventions should not be used for selfish purposes. It should be used for saving lives and not destroying lives. Science really can work wonders but only if it is rightly used.

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