Complaint Letter for Wardrobe Made of Recycled Wood Shaving

You are Abhimanyu Sikri, resident of 119, Nilgiri Apartments, Kirti Nagar, Delhi. You purchased a wardrobe made of recycled wood shaving; from M/s Pawan Sales, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter of complaint to the Sales Manager asking for replacement of the product which you purchased 15 days ago. You have found that doors do not shut and the paint is uneven.

119, Nilgiri Apartments
Kirti Nagar, Delhi

25th August, 20XX

The Sales Manager
M/s Pawan Sales
Ramesh Nagar, Delhi

Sub: Complaint about faulty wardrobe


I had purchased a wardrobe on 2 August, 20xx, vide cash memo No. 355, with teak wood finish and tan colour.

The wardrobe is not of acceptable quality and does not match in sample wardrobe that I was shown in the store. The doors of the wardrobe do not open and shut properly and the stain on the wardrobe is uneven, with one half darker than the other.

So I would like you to replace it with one of the same quality as the sample and arrange for return of the faulty wardrobe at your cost.

I would like to have this problem fixed quickly else I will lodge a formal complaint with consumer court.

Yours faithfully

Abhimanyu Sikri
Enclosed: Copy of the receipt

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