Complaint Letter for Inferior Accommodation and Food Facilities on Trip

You are Anita of Adarsh Public School, Nagal, Punjab who had arranged a trip for fifty students of Nanital in summer vacations for ten days with ‘Mount Travel, and Tourism’. The arrangements done by the travel agency were far below standard. The accommodation and food facilities were inferior in quality. Write a letter of complaint to the director of the agency to stop duping tourists with false promises as it tarnishes the image of locals.

Adarsh Public School
Nagal, Punjab

23nd November, 2019

The Director
Mount Travels and Tourism
Nagal, Punjab

Sub: Inferior quality of food and accommodation.

Dear Sir,

I am constrained to express my displeasure and resentment at inferior arrangements made during our tour to Nanital summer vacations. Our tour was for ten days and arrangement made by your agency was below standard when we came back home, most of the students fell ill and they are unable to attend classes. During our negotiation for tour, following promises were made:

  • Stay in good hotels
  • Food at a good restaurant.

As above promises were fulfilled, we stayed in a lodge and were forced to eat local foods. Consequently most of students fell ill.

Certainly we are cheated by our agency. You are requested that you should not dupe local people because it tarnishes our image.

Yours sincerely

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