Speech on Importance of Prayer in the Morning at School

Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Importance of prayer in the morning at school’. You are Karan/Karuna.

Good morning, Respected Principal honourable teachers and my dear friends.

Today I, Karuna, am here to put across my views on the topic ‘the importance of prayer in the morning at school’.

Each morning is a new beginning with new hopes and aspirations. Therefore, new mornings should start afresh. Morning prayer, done with the rest of the school, allows every individual to start the day on a positive note.

The prayers, the words of wisdom and motivational passages read and shared during the morning assembly promotes spiritual well being of each individual. One comes to terms with the fact that all religions teach the same thing and that no religion is greater than the other.

In addition to that, morning prayers build meditative, reflective spirit, which further helps one to calm his or her mind. This further improves one’s concentration, which is extremely necessary for both teachers and students to get on with the day.

In conclusion, having morning prayer at school is ideal because it upholds the value system established by one’s school, family and society by making students aware of its importance.

Thank you

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