Speech on Machines Are Good Slaves But a Bad Master

You are Garvit of Modi Public School, Bareilly. You have been asked to speak in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Machines are good slaves but a bad master’. Write the same in about 150 words.

Good Morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

Today, I, Garvit am going to express my views on the topic ‘Machines are good slaves but a bad master’.

We are living in the age of machines. We cannot imagine our lives without fans, vehicles, electrical appliances etc. but it is sad that we are becoming its slaves, because we are becoming addicted to the comforts these things provide us. They are simple machines; when they stop working we become helpless.

Today even to cover a small distance we need a vehicle; we don’t want to walk. If there is no electricity we behave as though we cannot live without it. Most of our household works come to a stop. But it is really sad that we don’t think that due to these habits we are putting ourselves into trouble. We are being attacked by many diseases as we don’t do any physical exercise. These diseases are obesity, diabetes, heart attack etc. at a very young age and many of these diseases are fatal.

Therefore, we all should use machines judiciously. You should be its master. It should work as your slave.

Thank You

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