Speech on Environmental Pollution

Deepika is asked by her teacher to prepare a speech for Tuesday morning assembly on the topic “Environmental Pollution”. Prepare a speech on this topic.

Respected Principal, teachers and students. Good morning. The topic of my speech is “Environmental Pollution”.

This subject is of great concern for everyone in the modern age. Modern age is an age of science and industry. No doubt, science and industry have blessed us with many amenities which have made our life most comfortable. At the same time they have created the problem of pollution.

We have to face pollution on all sides. The air we breathe in is polluted by smoke and poisonous gases. The food we eat is polluted by insecticides and pesticides. The water we drink is polluted by chemical waste of factories and refuse of cities. Indiscriminate expansion of industries has polluted the rural areas also. Noise pollution is the other kind of pollution created by increasing machines, industries and vehicular traffic.

We are facing pollution of different types. This environmental pollution is threatening the very existence of ours. Already people are complaining of so many diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, deafness, etc.

We must take immediate steps to check environmental pollution. Both legal and social measures will have to be adopted to check pollution. Growing more and more trees, using pollution free vehicles, giving up burning coal, wood and cow dung and turning to bio-gas and solar energy will protect the environment from pollution.

Thank you.

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