Speech on Gandhi Jayanti

Your school/ college is celebrating ‘Gandhi Jayanti.’ As the head girl/ head boy you are expected to deliver the opening speech. Draft your speech highlighting a few Gandhian values.

My dear friends! we have gathered together to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation,’ Bapuji that is, Mahatma Gandhi.

Today, on Gandhi Jayanti, I would like to highlight some of the values that are, synonymous to Gandhiji. He propagated non-violence and succeeded in getting us our freedom peacefully. Let us also make this our policy to fight for peace and justice without using violence.

Secondly, Gandhiji was known for religious tolerance, living in a country like India he used to work equally with people practicing different religions. He taught people to respect one another, to respect the different religions and live in communal peace and harmony.

Gandhiji was always against bribery and corruption. He would have been very upset with the way things are today, when corruption has become a way of life. If we want to honour this great man, then friends, we must decide here and now to abide by his principles and values, the value of peace, non-violence and honesty.

Thank you.

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