Speech on Water is Precious, Use it Wisely

It is true that water will become a scarce commodity in the near future. We are notorious for wasting water. We waste water during weddings. We waste water at our homes and also at our schools. Write a speech in 150 – 200 words on the topic, ‘Water is precious, use it wisely’ to be delivered in the school morning assembly. You are Govind/ Govindi.

Good morning, Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

Today I, Karan am here to present my views on the topic ‘water a valuable asset, conservation at home and at school.’

Water is one of the nature’s precious gifts to mankind. All living creatures need water and it is the most essential component of life. Although, water is a renewable natural resource, man has been misusing it time and again. Fresh, clean water is quickly becoming scarce. Therefore, people should strive to conserve water as much as possible. It is easy to save water at home and school by making smart choices. We should turn off the taps tightly after use, wash pets outdoors in an area of the lawn that needs water, get leaking pipes repaired at the earliest, etc.

Until and unless we use water judiciously, we cannot conserve it. We also have to create awareness about the importance of and need to save water. Media is the best and quickest way to do so. Other than that, street plays, nukkad natak, etc. are also a medium to spread the word.

We should act responsibly and adopt water conservation methods, such as rainwater harvesting, recycling, etc. I would like to conclude by saying that water conservation is necessary so that our future generations do not have to suffer.

Thank you

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