Speech on World Environment Day

Write a speech to be delivered on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Good morning Principal Sir, teachers and all my dear friends. I am Shubhra of class VI expressing my views on the occasion of World Environment Day.

It is the necessity of the day and related to our better future. In fact, it is a day which is specially celebrated to know and solve the environmental issues. It is also known as the Environment Day. It is being celebrated for years world wide with lots of creative activities and enthusiasm to bring positive changes in the environment. The main objective of celebration of this day is to protect the natural environment on the earth forever for the healthy possibility of life.

My dear friends, this event is celebrated globally in more than 100 countries because this issue can’t be solved individually by one country. Its celebration focuses on carbon neutrality, forest management, use of hydropower to produce electricity, encouraging people to use solar water heaters, use of solar system etc for effective environmental preservation.

Healthy Environment, Happy future

Thank you.

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