Speech on Each One, Teach One

As per last census, the literacy rate in India was around 74%. In our day-to-day life, we find people who cannot even read or write. Looking at the gravity of the situation, you decide to deliver a speech in your school morning assembly on the topic. “Each One, Teach One.” Write your speech in 150-200 words. You are Vinitha/Bejo.

Good morning honourable principal, respected teachers and dear friends. Today, I, Vinitha, am here to share some point about the problem of illiteracy. Illiteracy is one of the biggest problems that the country is facing today.

Students can play a very important role in removing illiteracy as they have plenty of time. During their summer vacation, they can devote a couple of hours to teach the illiterate adults and children in the localities or villages near their residence. They can instruct illiterate people about living skills, proper hygiene, child care and nutrition. They can also remove many of the social evils from the minds of illiterate people like blind faith in superstitions, religious bigotry, communalism and narrow –mindedness.

Students can stage street plays that reveal the hollowness of the various beliefs of the illiterate people. They can be taught about the importance of being educated. They can be told if they are literate they can access various schemes of the government for their upliftment and growth. Best of all, through literacy, illiterate people can fight against being cheated by unscrupulous and crafty people.

The students being the future of the country, must take the initiative of ‘Each one, Teach One’ and spread the awareness in the society. They are young, energetic, and full of new ideas. If they decide to fight this problem, we are sure that we will be able to root this problem out very soon.

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