Active and Passive Voice – Exercises for Class 6

A verb is said to be in active voice when the subjects acts or perform the action. A verb is said to be in passive voice when the subject of the verb is acted upon or receives the action and the doer of the action becomes the object.


Q. State whether the following sentences are active voice or passive voice.

  1. She paints a picture.
  2. The chair has been painted.
  3. They are playing cricket.
  4. The letter was delivered by them.
  5. A song is sung by Rachna.


  1. Active voice
  2. Passive voice
  3. Active voice
  4. Passive voice
  5. Passive voice

Q. Change the following sentences into passive voice.

  1. She is cleaning the door.
  2. Ravi will fly a kite.
  3. Everybody will blame us.
  4. The gardener was cutting the grass.
  5. John has read the newspaper.


  1. The door is being cleaned by her.
  2. A kite will be flown by Ravi.
  3. We will be blamed by everybody.
  4. The grass was being cut by the gardener.
  5. The newspaper has been read by John.

Q. Fill in the blanks with the passive forms of the verbs. Clues are given in brackets.

  1. Karate class _____________ by an expert. (conduct) (simple present)
  2. Our trip _____________ by a reputed company. (sponsor) (present continuous)
  3. A house _____________ by Tom. (build) (simple past)
  4. The brave soldiers _____________ by us. (admire) (present perfect)
  5. A race _____________ by them. (run) (simple future)


  1. are conducted
  2. is being sponsored
  3. was build
  4. have been admired
  5. will be run

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