Adverbs – Exercises for Class 7

An adverb is a word that describes or modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.


Q. Choose the adverbs that complete the sentences.

  1. She worked very hardly/hard.
  2. The film is nearly/near over.
  3. The conference began lately/late.
  4. My cold is very/much better today.
  5. Ritika reached the cinema first/firstly.
  6. Her attitude was extreme/extremely rude.


  1. She worked very hard.
  2. The film is nearly over.
  3. The conference began late.
  4. My cold is much better today.
  5. Ritika reached the cinema first.
  6. Her attitude was extremely rude.

Q. Fill in the blanks with adverbs given in the box.

immediately, almost, extremely, very, brightly, very, rarely, probably

  1. Ruhi was ______________ disappointed to see her marks.
  2. He ______________ made a plan to go to Goa.
  3. The teacher ______________ scolds her students.
  4. The cake is ______________ ready.
  5. She ______________ had no other work to do.
  6. The Lotus Temple is ______________ beautiful.
  7. The moon was shining ______________.
  8. George speaks ______________ fast.


  1. very
  2. immediately
  3. rarely
  4. almost
  5. probably
  6. extremely
  7. brightly
  8. very

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