Character Sketch of Father Paul in The Man to Send Rain Clouds

Father Paul, the local priest, is the emblem of the Christian tradition in the story. His name and position are both reminiscent of the apostle Paul of the New Testament, who spends most of his time converting people to Christianity. His intention when he asks Leon and Ken about not coming to the mass prayer and his comment “we missed you last Sunday. See if you can get Old Teofilo to come with you” manifest that he wants all of them to follow the Christian traditions. Moreover, it is not his concern for Old Teofilo’s health but his attendance that is important to him. Hearing about the Old Teofilo’s demise, Father Paul suggests Leon that he “could have brought last rites anyway”. To this a smiling Leon replied “It wasn’t necessary father”. The priest staring down asserts again “For a Christian burial it was necessary”. The incident depicts the peak of the conflict arising from the clash of two cultures. Initially, the priest is reluctant to pour the holy water as the ceremony is not performed in accordance with the Christian traditions. He, however, relents to sprinkle the holy water eventually. The fanaticism of Father Paul is at its peak as he wonders how they have managed to dig a grave in such a short span of time. The Priest is even skeptical of the dead body of Old Teofilo. To him the body seems strikingly small and looking at the red blanket in which the body is wrapped, he suspects whether it is some trick played by the tribesmen for their good harvest.

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