Character Sketch of Kattrin in Mother Courage and Her Children

Kattrin is a victim of the brutalities, abuse and cruelties of the war. She is the mute daughter of Mother Courage. According to Mother, Kattrin was gagged and abused that left her without a voice. Secondly, her face also suffered a gash by some soldiers that results in disfigurement of her face. Kattrin is full of compassion and desires love from an eligible companion despite Mother’s warning of Yvette being dumped after passionately loving a soldier. All she desires is to get married and have a family. She is the voice of resistance and resilience in the play. She does not turn around the war like her mother. She tries to alert the villagers about the enemy attack by drum beats and gets shot in the process for refusing to stop. Despite her sacrifice, the war continues and Mother Courage carries on with her business as usual.

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