Character Sketch of Mrs. Linde Helmer in A Doll’s House

Mrs. Linde, as she is usually known to the opposite characters, is an old flame of Nora’s. She may be a woman whose marriage was loveless and supported a requirement for financial security, and who doesn’t have any children. She and Krogstad had been crazy at the time, but he was too poor to support her family. She arrives in town in search of employment to earn money and survive independently. In this way, she may be a fairly modern woman. She explains to Krogstad that she finds joy and meaning in work. However, in other ways, she is more traditional. She tells both Krogstad and Nora that she is miserable without people to require care of, thereby fitting into the normal role of girls as caretakers and nurturers. it’s this conviction that causes her to marry Krogstad. She believes very deeply in honesty and stops Krogstad from taking the letter he wrote to Torvald back, thereby ensuring that Torvald determines Nora’s secret. Although this initially looks like a betrayal of Nora, it seems to ultimately be a choice to Nora’s benefit because it is after Torvald finds out about the debt that Nora is in a position to ascertain true nature of her marriage. This twist confirms Mrs. Linde’s belief that honesty is usually better than deceit, albeit Mrs. Linde expected that it had been Nora’s deceit that needed to be exposed, not the vanity of Torvald’s feelings.

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