Character Sketch of Ms. Field in Dream Children

Ms. Field is the grandmother to Charles Lamb and the great grandmother of the two kids Alice and John. As per the story narrated by Lamb to his ‘Dream Children’, Ms. Field is presented as an ideal grandmother who loved all her grandchildren a lot, though she had a special liking for Charles’ elder brother John. She was an extremely pious woman. She had learnt the whole of Psaltery by heart and half of the Testament too. She was a woman of great reputation, so much so that she was given the complete responsibility of taking care of a mansion in Norfolk by its owner. So much respect she had earned that people from the neighbouring country try to had come to pay their last respects at her death. Through Lamb, we also get to know about her love for dancing. She was probably the best dancer in her youth. Being a fearless soul and full of compassion, she even stood upright in her spirits despite getting afflicted with cancer. Also, her fearless nature and strong religious nature did not scare her from the apparition of two infants believed to be residing in the mansion.

Hence, we can conclude that Ms. Field was as an extremely graceful person, a religious being, a respectable social being and a compassionate soul.

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