Direct and Indirect Speech – Exercises for Class 6

Direct speech refers to the exact words used by a speaker. These words are placed with quotation marks. Example: Ria said, “I am going to school.”

Indirect speech is used to communicate what someone else has said, without using the exact words. Example: Ria said she was going to school.


Q. Change the following sentences into indirect speech.

  1. Anil said, “I have done my homework.”
  2. Ramesh said, “She has been sleeping since 11 pm.”
  3. Neha said, “I am baking a cake for my family.”
  4. Beena said, “The sun rises in the east.”
  5. He said, “I have lived in Jaipur for twenty years.”


  1. Anil said that he has done his homework.
  2. Ramesh said that she has been sleeping since 11pm
  3. Neha said that She is baking a cake for his family.
  4. Beena said that the sun rises in the east.
  5. He said that he lived in Jaipur for twenty years.

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