Email: Educate People About Safety on Railway Tracks

Crossing the railway lines carelessly not only endangers people’s lives but also causes delay of trains and loss to the railways. So, Northern Railways has decided to send an email to various schools in order to educate people about safety on railway tracks.

Date: 4th August, 2014
Subject: Safety or railway tracks

Dear Sir

This is an appeal from Northern Railways for the safety of people’s lives who cross the railway lines carelessly and do not pay any attention to the signals thereby. This not only endangers their lives but also causes delay of trains as well as loss to the railways.

After much thinking, we’ve decided to make all of you a part of our scheme, promoted for the safety of people. There is a dire need to educate children regarding safety on railway tracks. They must be taught to stay-away from the tracks and instead, use foot-over bridges or underpasses to cross them. They should be made to realize to ‘be alert and stay safe’.

I hope you will teach the safety rules at school level so that the number of incidents decreases after general awareness

Thanking you

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