Enquiry Letter: Short Term Personality Development Course

You are Kailash/ Kusum of 148, Model Town, Delhi, you wish to do a short term-course on personality development. Write a letter to the Director, Personal Care, Hyderabad enquiring about the course-details in 100 – 120 words.

148, Model Town

28th August 20XX

The Director
Personal Care

Subject: Enquiry About Short Term Course


With reference to your advertisement dated 26 August, I have come to know that you provide a short term course on personality development. I would like to join it as I am awaiting my class 12th result and I am free for about three months. Kindly let me know the duration of the course and the fee structure.

Kindly inform me at the earliest so that I can join the course immediately, without wasting time.

Yours sincerely

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