Essay on Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power Essay

Knowledge is the most powerful tool that a human being possesses. What distinguishes man from beast is his ability to learn. His insatiable hunger for knowledge makes him act. He reads and invents, discovers and solves, and thus unravels mysteries existing around him and in the process stores knowledge in his mind. He is not satisfied until he has unveiled the unknown.

Twin is the purpose of earning knowledge as it gives him joy and power. It empowers him to face the challenges of life. Knowledge emboldens him to bear with the stark realities of life with a calm of mind. It also gives him immense power by dint of which he masters the earth. It makes him immensely inventive.

However, the power of knowledge is both constructive and destructive. He may do good to the society, humanity and environment if he uses it constructively, and he can use it destructively by such activities which put the entire humanity at risk. The best way to utilise knowledge is to promote peace and prosperity in life, so that the earth can become a better place to inhabit.

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