Baraka’s Home on the Range as a Representative of Revolutionary Theatre

The play, Home on the Range, depicts the attitude of a Black burglar towards members of a White family. Baraka demonstrates his continuing awareness of the newest theatrical modes in this play. In this play the objectives of “the revolutionary theatre’ are fully realized. There is no definite plot in the play. The playwright uses very little of moving speech and there is total absence of steady dialogue. All the theatrical elements are set towards creating an “atmosphere of feeling”. The gibberish communication, the song and nigger dance party symbolize the future of the Blacks. It also symbolizes a step towards a more liberated soul and independence that the Blacks crave for. The ultimate scene with the head of the White family lying flat on the ground trying to recollect his glorious past and the Black girl announcing the dawn of a new day is not only symbolic of the new future but also speaks a lot about the mind of the playwright, Amiri Baraka. The play through its short but evocative use of words, characters, setting and scene set the tone of a revolutionary play.

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