Letter to Brother: You Are Being Bullied in School

You are being bullied in school. Write a letter to your elder brother who lives in another place telling him about what is happening and how you are feeling. Seek his advice on a solution to the problem.

84 Kaveri Kunj,

23rd April 2020,

Dear brother,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health. I am fine here.

This is my first letter to you since I have been in the hostel. The hostel is good and so are my friends. The teachers here are also extremely helpful and caring. The school too is good. You have been my ideal since childhood and you have always helped me as a guide and as a mentor. I am stuck up in a problem and wish to seek your advice.

There is a group of notorious students. Their fathers are established businessmen and so these children consider school as their personal property. They pick up quarrels with anyone and find excuses to tease anyone. Last Friday, they were bullying my friend. I tried to resolve the incident but they have now started bullying me.

There is no point going to the higher authorities as there have been similar incidents in the past. Though the principal is a gentleman, yet under the pressure of the management, he had been forced to overlook complaints against them.

I need your advice as to what would be a correct way which I should take to get rid of these guys and also try to ensure that they stop these bullying activities.

I am looking forward to your enlightening guidance on the matter to help me.

Lovingly yours,

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