Letter to Editor: Miserable Life in Slums

Slums are spreading more than the planned townships. The life in the slums is miserable. Crowded living, lack of drinking water, insanitary conditions, poor power supply, etc. are causing a lot of suffering to the people. Write a letter in 100 – 150 words to the editor of a national newspaper drawing attention of the concerned authorities to this problem and asking for a proper solution. You are Udit/Udita, 26 Latouche Road. Kanpur.

26 Latouche Road

10th May, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindu

Sub. : Spreading of slum areas in the city


Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw your attention to the increasing number of slums in the city which is creating inconvenience to not only the slum dwellers but also to the neighbouring colonies.

Recently, an open area in the RR Nagar was converted to a slum within three months. Also, one can find a slum in every locality of the city currently. Slums are spreading more than the planned township and this is disfiguring the city’s face. Slum areas are a home to several unfavourable dwelling conditions such as crowded living, lack of potable water, insanitary conditions and poor power supply. 

Moreover, these slum areas give rise to contaminated diseases that spread around causing great deal of discomfort. I request you to kindly take some strict actions against this and provide a lucrative solution for the citizens.

Thank you

Yours faithfully


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