Letter to Editor: Stray Animals on Road Causing Traffic Jams and Accidents

You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. These animals cause traffic jams as well as accidents. You have already written to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken so far. Write a letter to the Editor, The Hindu, drawing attention of the Municipal Commissioner, Chennai. You are Shantha/ Suresh, 12 M.G. Road, Chennai.

12, M. G. Road

2 March, 20xx

The Editor
The Hindu
G.T. Road

Subject: Nuisance Caused by the Stray Animals


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I wish to draw the attention of Municipal Commissioner, Chennai towards the nuisance caused by the stray animals.

It is mostly during the busy hours of day that this has been observed. Stray animals, such as pigs, cows, dogs, monkey, etc. wander around freely causing traffic jams, road accidents and sometimes, health hazards.

Recently, a neighbour’s child was attacked by an adult monkey in search of food. Stray cows stand or sit in the middle of the road and refuse to move even after relentless sounding of horn. Population of stray pigs and dogs is multiplying each day, not to mention cow dung on roads is adding to the nuisance.

I have already written to the concerned authorities several times. However, no action has been taken so far.

The problem can be easily dealt with by establishing animal shelters, where they will be taken care of properly.

I wish that the Municipal Commissioner takes note of the situation at the earliest and orders the concerned authorities to take immediate action regarding the same without further delay.

Thank you

Yours sincerely
Shanta Suresh

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