Letter to Friend: You Changed Your School Recently

You have changed your school recently. Write a letter to your friend of your old school telling him / her what you like about your new school but also what you miss about your old school.

Flat No.67,
A.D.A. Colony,
Stanly Road,

2nd February 2020

Dear Sumit,

It’s almost a month now since I joined my new school. I could not write earlier, as I was too busy adjusting to the new environment. It’s been quite hectic. I would love to share my experiences with you.

To begin with, it’s a sprawling campus, much bigger than my previous school. The classes are housed in a huge, multi-storey complex that is fully air-conditioned.

The classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids. We have some of the best teachers. They are helpful and nice. My English teacher is a native English speaker and I have been training under him for the debating competition, which is to be held next week. It’s really thrilling. A lot of attention is paid to extra-curricular activities. This is a major difference that I have observed between my previous school and the new one.

We have many foreign students here. They are from countries like China, Japan, and Afghanistan. I love mixing with them and talking about their culture and families. I have made friends with a few of them. There are twenty-five students in my class and I am friendly with almost every one of them. I am helping one of my Chinese friends with his English.

However, our teachers are strict disciplinarians. At times, I feel lost in the new environment. I miss my old friends as well as some of my teachers. I remember the times when we used to sit and gossip during the lunch break. I turn nostalgic when I see the pictures and videos of you all. How is Aniket now? He was seriously ill when I was leaving. Please convey my regards to Aunty and Uncle. Do reply whenever you get time.

Till then Good Bye!

Your loving friend,

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