Letter to Hotel Manager to Book a Room

You want to spend a week-long holiday at Shimla in the month of October decided to stay at Hotel Snow view. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the manager to book a room. Mention the dates, facilities in the room, food, sight-seeing facilitities that you will need. You are Amar/Amrita M114, Lake Road, Kamal.

Lake Road,

12th Feb., 20XX

The Manager
Snow View Hotel

Subject: Booking a Room in Hotel


It gives me an immense pleasure to inform you that I shall be visiting Shimla during the autumn break. I intend to reach there on 15th Oct., 20XX for a week-long vacation. During the stay at Shimla, you are requested to reserve a room for me in your hotel from 15th Oct. to 21st Oct., 20XX. Please see to it that the room should be well- equipped with all the modern facilities. I am enclosing a bank draft of ₹ 5000/- as an advance for reservation charges. It would be highly appreciated if you can provide me with a guide to show me around Shimla. Please confirm the booking so that the remaining amount shall be sent to you. I shall also need a chauffeur driven car to take me in and around Shimla.

Yours Sincerely

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