Little or Few – Exercises

Q. Complete these sentences with ‘little’ or ‘few’.

  1. There are _____________ tigers left in Terengganu Darul Iman.
  2. This car is wonderful. It consumes so _____________ petrol.
  3. I have _____________ interest in computers.
  4. _____________ men reach the age of one hundred years.
  5. My uncle showed _____________ concern for his children.
  6. There are _____________ libraries in rural areas with plenty of books.
  7. _____________ schools in the city are without computers these days.
  8. Our principal showed _____________ mercy to boys who were caught smoking in school.
  9. There has been _____________ rain in Melaka this year.
  10. With three young children, she has _____________ energy at the end of the day.


  1. few
  2. little
  3. little
  4. few
  5. little
  6. few
  7. few
  8. little
  9. little
  10. little

Q. Fill in the sentences with ‘little’, ‘a little’, ‘few’ and ‘a few’:

  1. We must be quick. We have _________ time.
  2. There are _________ apples in the basket.
  3. The room was extremely tiny. There was _________ space to move.
  4. I had _________ friends in Mathura so I moved to Agra.
  5. The movie was not popular. Only _________ people came.


  1. a little
  2. a few
  3. little
  4. few
  5. a few

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