Notice on Inter School Music Carnival

You are the secretary of the Music Club of your school. Your school is celebrating 7th Inter School music carnival for the students of class VII to XII. Write a notice inviting those who are interested to appear for an audition in the presence of a renowned singer Mr. Gautam Sharma. Construct necessary details.

ABC Public School


16 October 20xx

Inter School Music Carnival

All the students of class VII to XII are hereby informed that our school is organising the 7th Inter School Music Carnival. An audition will be held in the presence of renowned singer, Mr. Gautam Sharma as per the details given below:

Date: 18th October 20xx
Time: Zero period
Venue: Cultural Hall

Students who are interested in participating in the same should give their names to Ms. Pooja Batra, Head of Music Department latest by 17th October 20xx. For any further details, contact the undersigned.

(Secretary Music Club)

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